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March Student Spotlight

This month we are continuing our student spotlight in News & Notes - from time to time we will use this forum to introduce our students to you! For March, we would like you to meet Tristan!

Meet your self-proclaimed, future president: Tristan! Tristan is one of our remote learners who has been a member of CAC for the past two years. Tristan is a precocious young man, who excels in his studies by being punctual, attentive, determined and sharp! During the first quarter of the 2020/2021 school year Tristan received an award for perfect attendance and high marks from his school. On any day you can find him recounting the details of his school lessons and the details of the newest Smurf movie; he loves them both! Tristan also has a green thumb that is nurtured by Mrs. Nahass, PA-C, RN, CAC's health educator and master gardener. He loves to watch things grow and be healthy. In fact, he loves all things beautiful which is why he has declared that he will be an Italian citizen in the near future — because it is beautiful there! (We agree with his assessment!) In addition to visiting Italy one day, he will also be prepared to visit South America since he is eagerly studying Spanish during the week with Mr. Seth. Tristan regularly asks questions, seeking to understand how things work. He also loves to keep others informed. With joyfulness he sings to others and always lends a helping hand. He is a friend to all and a beautiful soul! Look for Tristan’s name on the ballot during the 2051 presidential election — we will be campaigning for him!

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