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Summer Programming

Each summer we create intentional programming opportunities that inspire learning and fun! CAC hosts Friday Field Trips to fun places around St. Louis (including swimming, soccer, tennis, and golf), provides STEM programming and hands-on learning experiences, and sends kids to several week-long camps!


Summer is also a time where our kids travel on mission trips across the country! Help support these transformative experiences through financial gifts of $300 per child or supplies necessary for a great experience. 


Adopt a Child for Christmas!

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Adopting a Child for Christmas ensures that kids in East St. Louis wake up full of joy on Christmas morning! You get to play "Santa" by either shopping and providing wrapped gifts, or by donating $100 to have a CAC representative shop for a child on your behalf. 

Contact Lisa Floore at

to get paired with a child's wish list!

Receive a wish list!
Contribute to Christmas!
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CAC thrives on its robust volunteer program. We welcome individuals and groups for short and long-term service. Whether tutoring kids or organizing a weekly program, volunteers’ interaction with children is crucial to CAC’s providing holistic growth and nurturing opportunities to families in East St. Louis, Illinois.


If you are interested in outdoor opportunities, such as lawn care or various construction projects (available on Monday - Friday after 3pm or on weekends), please email We look forward to hosting more volunteers as we are able to do so in a safe manner!

In addition to volunteers who work with our kids, we are in need of volunteers with specific construction skills. Click here for more information.

Committed Giving

By making the commitment to give $100 or more per month, you ensure that a child receives CAC’s full scope of services, including: hot meals, homework help, counseling, spiritual development, art & recreation, college access, and character building. While we no longer pair donors directly with a child, we will continue to keep you informed of all that is happening with our students at CAC! Interested in committed giving?


Back to School

Success at school starts with having the right tools! Help us to send our children back to the classroom fully prepared to learn!

We have taken wish lists from schools in our district and prepared a comprehensive shopping list. You can help us by shopping for a child based on the list below. Or, if you would rather us do the shopping, you can contribute towards our school supply distribution!

All supplies must be dropped off at CAC by July 29th. To coordinate drop off, please contact Lisa Floore at

Let us do the shopping!
Committed Giving
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