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Lots of fun in the Rockies!

CAC took a trip to Colorado at the end of June and oh what fun we had! The main task at hand was to reach the top of Quandary Peak, which stands at 14,265 feet and is a little south of the tourist old mining town of Breckenridge. Although 6 of the 11 members did in fact summit, the rest were able to summit in their own way. On our hike we saw mountain goats, beautiful mountains, marmots, and experienced just how awesome our God is!

In addition to the mountain, we attended the Colorado Rockies vs. the San Fransisco Giants baseball game-- what a blessing!

Our time was filled with loving and being loved by the body of Christ in Denver, Colorado and Lucas, Kansas. We stayed with Andre and Jenna Wolf in Denver, who are college friends of Matt and enjoyed playing backyard games, going to church with them, eating at Pieology, and doing lots of laughing. On our way back we stayed at the Horseshoe Lodge in Lucas, Kansas. We were so blessed by Lucas United Methodist Church-- they fed us, took us to enjoy the clearest lake in Kansas (Wilson Lake) and showed us around all the fun tourist places in the city.  

Without them and others that support the CAC this trip would not of been possible. We are already talking about our wilderness adventure for 2019! We are not sure where we will be, but we do know is that being together, marveling at how big our Creator God is, and experiencing new things is something worth doing!

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