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February Student Spotlight

This month we are launching our first child spotlight in News & Notes - from time to time we will use this forum to introduce our students to you! For February, we would like you to meet Noah!

Noah is a kindergartener at a local private school. This is made possible through CAC and our relationship with multiple charitable organizations that enables CAC students to attend private schools. Noah was recently highlighted by his school as an outstanding student with excellent behavior! Noah has quite literally grown up at the CAC - from when he was just 7 months old coming into work with his dad, Seth. You can see the influence of the CAC staff, children, and parents who have wrapped around him since he was a baby beaming through his warmth, kindness, and gregarious nature. He has made hundreds of friends who he calls brother, sister, and cousin. During the pandemic he helped out in the garden along with our dedicated crew of kids to plant 40 trees, cultivate crops, and even sell produce at the farmers markets in the community and in other parts of St. Louis. Together, our small group still produced one TON of fruits and vegetables, and they helped start an additional 7 gardens in the community to provide fresh, organic food to people who were in desperate need during the pandemic. Noah, along with our other children, helps to prove that they are the solution and worthy of our investment!

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