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Trains, tractors, & more!

Recently I took 6 young men with me on a trip to Carlinville, IL as I spoke at the Men's Day for Emmanuel Baptist Church. Cliff (the head pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church) and I though it would be fun to take the Amtrak Train for our transportation and boy was it fun! On our way we saw, 5 deer, had amazing snacks, and felt like kings in those comfortable seats that reclined. When we arrived we were greeted by Emmanuel and then went to check out some farms. We went to Rick's farm first and saw combines, tractors, learned about planting and harvesting corn and beans, and even got to drive a zero turn lawn mower as well as John Deere Gator! On the second farm, the owner showed us how to feed the cows and talked about working the farm and other tasks that he does. We were unable to see the pigs because they were turned into bacon and sausage January 26th.

Our Saturday afternoon was filled with food, pine wood derby races, chess, basketball games, and lots of energy. Matt had the fastest car followed by Ezzel, Amorie, and a teen from Carlinville.

On Sunday, we woke up and enjoyed the Men's breakfast and then were asked if we wanted to sing in the Men's choir! We were so thankful for Emmanuel's hospitality and kindness. After church we went to Dairy Queen for a quick bite to eat and then headed back on the train.

I heard the kids say that this was the best field trip ever and several days after the trip I keep having them come up to me asking when we will be going back. Making wonderful memories is a special thing!

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