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Soccer time!

In late September CAC was able to take 12 Elementary kids to their first professional soccer game thanks to Aegis Strategies! We watched St Louis FC play San Antonio FC as St Louis rolled to a 2-0 victory. The children that got to attend the game are a part of our new soccer initiative here at the CAC. We are looking to play in 2 Fall tournaments this year and are excited about our children's new found love for this beautiful game of soccer.

One of the most beautiful moments for me (Matt) was before the game we were able to play some soccer on the pitch next to the game field. As the game went on between CAC kids, more and more kids gravitated towards the game. By the time we left there was probably 25-30 kids total playing soccer together from all different skill levels, geographic locations, cultures, and worldviews.

We look forward to cultivating this love for soccer and the idea of fearlessly learning something new. What a gift that our kids can learn in the midst of having fun!

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