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Fun & Fellowship: NC Ski Trip Update

Although these pictures don't quite encapsulate the whole extent of the trip, it shows a couple of things we were able to do. A group from Ahoskie, NC visited CAC for a week long trip in August of last year. In talking, we started to brainstorm a time to host a retreat with their youth group. At that point the Ski Trip was born and took place January 11th-15th. We met in Blowing Rock, NC to hit the mountains of the Appalachian Ski Resort. This was the first time that any of our kids had been skiing! Unfortunately, our skiing day was plagued with 100% chance of rain, but the kids did awesome and made the best of it. Two of our kids made it down one of the black diamond routes without even falling!

After our ski experience we had our very first taste of a southern staple, Cookout! Wow was it good!

Throughout the weekend our theme was Nature and Creation. During meals, evening, and morning sessions we had devotions which talked about various aspects of nature and how it points us back to the Creator. Romans 1:20 was our verse for the week, which says "For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse." On our last session on Saturday morning, we shared communion together and washed each other's hands in an act to replicate Jesus serving his disciples.

Saturday we went to Bo's Entertainment in Lenoir, NC which was filled with a highly competitive bowling tournament in which the winning team is pictured below, laser tag, and a couple hours in the arcade!

After that the Ahoskie group left to go back home. All throughout the trip we were graciously hosted by FBC Lenoir's main squeeze Thomas Hinton. Thomas allowed us to stay at the Church with the Ahoskie group, welcomed the CAC group into his home Saturday and Sunday, fed us, got to know us, and loved us. We are so thankful for Thomas and his wife Kim who really showed us a Christ-like opening of themselves.

Sunday, we went to church and then to the Lenoir Aquatic and fitness center. We also got a taste of Lenoir's Greenway trail system. We were able to relax and watch a movie that night leading into a long day on the road the following Monday.

Monday was our driving day, we left Lenoir at 5:30am and arrived in East St Louis 5:00pm after stopping in Nashville and enjoying the Opry Mills Mall! Overall the week was lots of fun for our kids as they learned so much about God's plan for creation and had a great time of fellowship as well.

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